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Reasons our Patients Say They Buy Their Contact Lenses From Us

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed. We work with you to find the lens program best for you and your lifestyle. You don’t order until you are happy.
  • FREE exchange of unopened boxes of disposable contact lenses if your prescription changes.
  • FREE replacement of damaged or ripped disposable lenses.
  • Expert advice from experienced doctors and knowledgeable staff who are available six days a week.
  • Lens prices comparable with big box stores and online retailers.
  • Online ordering available, with free home shipping.
  • Contact lens check ups are included in the fitting fee.
  • Follow up visits to ensure your eyes are healthy.
  • Convenient in office inventoryof most contact lenses and solutions.
  • Contact lens solutions at savings better than pharmacy prices.
  • We have access to manufacturer’s rebates, which are not universally available.
  • Reminder by phone or email of your annual eye health evaluation, to ensure many years of successful contact lens wear. Learn more about gas permeable (GP) contact lenses.