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Pub Night Fundraiser 2012

Thank you all for your attendance and generous contributions to the home building project.

When all the funds were added up, the winnings for the 50/50 handed out and the cost for the dinners removed, we made a profit of $2600! Add on the personal donations that we have received over the past year and we have exceeded our goal of $3500 needed to cover the cost of the house and beds/mattresses for the Sanchez-Hernandez family. We will also be buying them a good supply of non-perishable staple foods.

The crew is heading down next month to build another 4 homes, so we are having them check out the price for paver stones and hope that they will be available. If possible, we plan to put in a ground level patio at the back door so they have a clean dry area to use. When the rains come, the houses are surrounded by mud.

This weekend marks the 14th anniversary of Hurricane Mitch which displaced 350,000 people and killed thousands more due to torrential rains and mudslides. Most of the damage was done in the area that we do the mission work. The end result was people squatting where ever they could to find a place to live. Hence the "refugee" camp was formed.