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Our Promise to You

Our Promise To You

We will strive to exceed your expectations for personal, courteous and professional eye care.

We will put the health of your eyes and whole being first and maximize your clarity and comfort of vision.

We will continually research new ways to improve the quality of our services and products.

We will achieve this by attracting the highest quality personnel, by committing to continuing education, and by investing in new technology.

We will remember that you are the reason we are here.

Core Values

We do whatever it takes in every situation. (We are solution-oriented, accountable and utilize teamwork.)

We prioritize relationships. (We are friendly, respectful and community-oriented. We celebrate the journey with patients and team members and value work-life balance.)

We are passionate about our work. (We take pride in a job well done and are enthusiastic about our products and services.)

We have integrity in all that we do. (We are accountable regarding our environmental impact and promote anti-cruelty in our operations and supply chain. We espouse candor, reliability, a high work ethic and having the courage to be vulnerable.)

We pursue excellence. ( We value quality, innovation and continuing education. A sense of curiosity propels us to desire to grow and to be forward-thinking.)

The Pacific Eye Doctors Proven Process

  • Making your appointment is easy
    1. We are available online, via phone or via email.
    2. When to come back? We’ll handle that for you with a reminder.
    3. Our follow-up confirmation email and SMS/phone reminder will help you arrive with everything needed to get the most out of your visit.
  • Exam, Part 1: With the Optometric Assistants
    1. Your check-in will be pleasant and efficient.
    2. Our optometric assistants will work with you to gather valuable information and guide you through multiple tests so that the doctor and our team can serve you best.
  • Exam, Part 2: With the Doctor of Optometry
    1. Your doctor of optometry will carry out your exam, either a comprehensive or specialized type.
    2. For comprehensive exams, your doctor will assess many things including your binocular vision, visual acuity, refraction, internal & external eye health, as well as your unique visual requirements and demands.
    3. Should anything come up during the exam, you will be given treatment options for each of your issues to maximize eye health, visual development, visual performance, and customized needs. If referral to a specialist is recommended, the doctor will explain how we work hand-in-hand with them to ensure the highest care.
  • Treatment services
    1. Our optical will customize selected eyewear to your unique visual requirements, prescription, facial measurements, personal preferences, and style. Our goal is to maximize your visual performance in every aspect of your life.
    2. Our Contact Lens Clinic will teach new wearers how to wear contact lenses confidently and safely. We will maximize your comfort as well as visual performance.
    3. Our Myopia Management services slow the progression of myopia. This reduces the stretching of eye tissues that happens in children, which in turn reduces their risk of sight-threatening diseases in adulthood.
    4. Our Prescribed Medications treat your inflammations, infections, allergies, and glaucoma.
    5. Our Amblyopia Therapy improves the vision of children whose two eyes are not equal and may include the use of glasses, eyedrops, and/or contact lenses.
    6. Our other treatment services include dry eye therapy, nutritional supplements, lifestyle changes, and lid hygiene.
  • Referrals
    1. If we recommend the services of another medical practitioner for opinion, treatment, or surgery, we will handle the referral and ensure you arrive prepared. We will often handle the surgical aftercare and we will always remain your primary eye care provider.
  • Aftercare
    1. All of your records will be safeguarded with us.
    2. We will remind you when it’s time for your next specialized or comprehensive exam.