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Patient Testimonials

I had a picture taken of my eyes. Dr. Bains pointed out a few specs of hemorrhage and suggested that I see my doctor for maybe some blood tests etc. I have not been to a doctor for 15 years and my last doctor had retired. Based on Dr. Bains’ advice, that same day I searched out a new family doctor and got in the same day. The doctor took my blood pressure which was 240/120. The doctor described it as stupid high and would not let me go for 2 hours while with some medication they finally got it down to a somewhat safe level. Thank you Dr. Bains for your advice, guidance and thoroughness. You may have well saved my life! I will be in shortly to pick out my new specs.

I am very impressed with Dr. Grewal’s effort to be correct in her diagnosis and inform me with kindness and caring the necessity to follow up the next year with my prognosis of cataracts. Really all involved were first class.

Dr. Bains was fabulous! He has a great personality! My husband and I just recently saw him and highly recommed him.

Dr. Schnarr is the best eye doctor i have had the pleasure of knowing in my 50 plus years of wearing glasses and living in a dozen or more communities.

Dr. Trotter is excellent and provides really good information while doing her exam. I have been seeing her most of my life and i am happy she is able to now care for my children. Thank you so much for excellent service all around.

Everyone is very friendly and helpful. This was my first visit with Dr. Bains and I found him very knowledgeable, friendly and thorough in his examination of my eyes.

Dr. Schnarr made me feel very assured when I was very concerned with an emergency eye problem. I just dropped in and she took me right away. She was so kind and thorough.

I am very, very happy with Dr. Gill. He is very thorough in his examinations and gives me peace of mind with regards to my eyes.

Dr. Trotter is so kind, knowledgeable and is such a pleasure to see. I wish she was my regular doctor AND dentist!

Dr. Bains was terrific with my daughter who was very unsure about having her eyes checked. He put her right at ease with the whole procedure.

Service was excellent and professional and I feel I selected the best eye care for myself.

I’ve been with you for years and wouldn’t think of going anywhere else. Your service is excellent. Thank you.